Network for profit
-oriented partners
We choose only profitable offers with fast payouts from direct advertisers only. We provide better conditions for stable and rapidly growing affiliates. We collect best industry experience and expertise to be sure we drive you to the top. We care about transparency.
So YOU get the best.
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Network for profit -oriented partners



We always look for the best in each vertical to get the most of every click. Because profit makes it all.

Owned media

We use our own sources and MB team to run the traffic with focus on global coverage.


Why use smartlink on each geo when you can run vertical smartlink? We are fans of this stuff so we are sure that AI should decide where profit is the best.

Wide geo range

We mostly focus on offers with wide geo and stable conversion in order not to waste time on fine tuning traffic for each country.

Fraud prevention

We are against fraud in all its forms. We keep an eye on each click.


We work hard like our partners do. Traffic should convert 24/7.

Only direct deals

No rebrokering and no resale. Why share profit?
Why Chip Leads
We only care about what partner needs. Because traffic is the king
Regular payments
Bimonthly and then weekly.
Why Chip Leads
Realtime only
No “midnight updates” and “every 30 min refresh”. Right here and right now.
Payment options
You shouldn’t care about. Money should be delivered to you wherever with zero fees.
Flexible rates
The more traffic you run and the higher quality you make - the higher rates you get.
Supporting you
Always working and always on your side. If you do your best
Various deals
CPA, CPL, CPL+CPA, CPO, CPS, COD. No hidden terms. All clear.
Worldwide offers
Why pick geo when you can run all of them?
Smartlink for vertical. Smartlink for geo. Smartlink for device. Choose any.
Transparent data
You see it all and we assist. Nothing can hide from you. All clear.
For affiliates
We care about your ROI!
We are fan of dating, gaming, finance, sweepstakes, betting, crypto and nutra. Please note that.
For advertisers
Clear and proven data provided to you regularly. Every conversion matters.
Payment options
No monthly with long hold please. All of us here are fans of doing things fast.
We fight with it and we are on your side here.
Account Manager
Only PRO will take care of your needs.
Always on air
All of us are online anytime.
For advertisers
Why Chip Leads
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